Conversations That Don't Suck

The Complexity of Connection with Sara Ness

Episode Summary

Welcome to the first conversation episode of Conversations That Don't Suck! In this episode, I'm speaking with Sara Ness. Sara is a creator and facilitator, founder of a thousands-strong learning community in Austin and instigator of many other groups worldwide. She is the founder and CEO (Chief Catalyst) at Authentic Revolution, a consulting and training company for Authentic Relating and Circling skills ( In the past five years she's worked with 500 leaders from 40+ different cities, in sectors ranging from education to the Coast Guard, teaching the art of authentic leadership. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and works with groups and individuals across the world to explore our creative potential through relationship. In her time off (and on), she is involved in Austin's acroyoga, dance, and staying-indoors-to-read scenes. In this episode, we cover: How Sara is motivated by a desire to reduce human suffering, the different levels of connection, the practice of asking for help, how to create more vulnerability and safety in your interactions, how we can connect more deeply with people who are not usually down with more vulnerable connection, loneliness in connection, how the concepts of meaning and impact can create existential loneliness and how Sara and I are dealing with that, and how community can help us to create big changes in the world.

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